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Like many others in the world i'm staying at home during this difficult moment.

Since the day one i was asking myself what could i do to help research so i found this great project called Folding at home.

What I did is quite simple. I own a great thin client (Dell Wyse Z90D7) where i've installed my favorite linux distro, Debian testing and i was using it like a NAS to backup my files.

I've installed the relative deb package that you can find here and after installation you should not do anything since it is autoconfigured.

My thin client it's low power consuming (assuming 20-30W max) and it has a Dual core AMD G-T56N. I know it's not very powerful but like the researchers said, every little bit helps!

Here there are my current statistics.

So, I suggest to anyone to please share their computers, servers, etc to help to find a way to fight this virus and spread the word.


update part 2 (06 Dec 2020):

If there is still someone who's still fighting against this terrible virus (and I know, you are many!), I suggest to let your smartphone CPUs to work for you. Please, download Dreamlab from play store or app store depending on your device, select Coronavirus Project and while your smartphone will be in charge it will solve computational calculations useful for research. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of this catastrophic year, let's continue to behave seriously. Again..